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    Originally posted by Birdwatcher View Post
    He started 5 games last year, had a couple of plays here and there in games with Wentz, and this season, not exactly an experienced vet yet, but I guess you think he has topped out? Won't get any better? Don't bother answering. I have obviously upset you, and I am sorry, it's New Years and the birds are going to the playoffs (and I say 1 and done) so don't let me bring you down. BTW, I am enjoying the ride, what's not to enjoy? Life is too short, peace brother.
    I'm not upset one bit. You keep asking me questions and not liking the answers or saying "don't bother answering". Why ask the question? If you want the last word there's better ways to do it. Do I think he'll get better? Yeah he'll improve some but I think he's really really far away from being a good to great passing QB in the league. I think his leadership qualities are off the charts but when the rubber meets the road he's ultimately limited.


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      I was a Wentz fluffer but agree it was time he needed a change of scenery. He could have never been successful here too many ghosts haunting him and not sure he will even get back to 2017. That being said, Hurts has had his moments and it's nice to see a run game. He has improved over the season but I doubt he will ever mature in the pocket and in today's NFL you better be able to chuck the ball of you are going to keep up. If we get down on the scoreboard, running the ball ain't going to cut it and I am not sure Hurts and his 1st read and bail pocket presence will have what it take to get it done.

      Will he mature, maybe. But I don't think his deep ball accuracy nor his arm strength will get better and that is what will ultimately dedide his fate at QB as a long time starter in the NFL.

      Not sure why defences aren't playing 8 and 9 in the box or spying him and daring him to beat them with his arm. Would be interesting to see if he can do that a few games in a row.